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Reliance is one of the few international fiduciary and trust companies that are family-owned. This particular ownership structure guarantees stability, commitment and accountability. It enables the team to develop long-lasting and personalised relationships.
Family ownership also guarantees that the clients’ and Reliance’s interests are aligned. By being fully independent, Reliance avoids any form of conflict of interest and follow long-term goals.


Marius, Annemarie and Herman are convinced that family-owned companies are best placed to serve clients with long-term objectives.

At Reliance, success depends on multiple factors such as client satisfaction, employee well-being and overall social and economic prosperity.

Today, Annemarie de Wit (Krul), Herman Krul and Marius Krul represent two generations active in the business. Together with a group of 45 highly qualified professionals, they form a solid team ready to serve clients for generations to come.

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