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Reliance assists international charitable organisations and private individuals with their philanthropic objectives. Together with experts in the field, Reliance sets up and administers charitable trusts and Swiss charitable foundations.

More than 13‘000 charitable foundations are registered in Switzerland, and approximately 350 private and public charitable foundations are created each year. Reliance administers some of them and (amongst others) organises registrations with tax-effective cross-border donation networks such as Transnational Giving Europe and the King Baudouin Foundation United States.  

Our services include: 

Setup of the structure

Assistance with obtaining tax exemptions

Registration to international networks for tax-effective cross-border's donations

Member of the foundation council & Secretary

& Dedicated office space

HR Administration, Payroll & Staffing 


Correspondence and reporting to the supervision authority

Donation reports (source of incoming funds)
& Gift certificates


Tax declaration

VAT declaration (if applicable)

Audit support

KYC & Compliance (FATCA, CRS, DAC-6 and others) 

Legal support

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